5 Fabulous reasons you should be travelling to India before you cross 30

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  • March 31, 2017
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It is insane how we’re supposed to join schools when we’re barely 5 and then complete our education by 20, get a job and work until death is at our doorstep. Working all the time wouldn’t let you experience the bliss of life and travelling gives you the privilege to experience the joy that barely we get under the usual pressures of work and life.

Indeed, travelling adds a flavour of excitement and adventure to our lifestyles but travelling to a foreign country just for the sake of ‘wanderlust’ is like making a hole in your pocket. So, if you want to achieve you desire of ‘wanderlust’, rather ‘wander love’ then you can travel to the land of cultures i.e. India. So here are some reasons for travelling in this beautiful country.

Reasons why one should travel in India:

  1. Different colors of a variety of cultures

India being a versatile country with a huge diversity of cultures, religions, and languages gives you a glimpse of beautiful aspects of different cultures. Every culture has something beautiful and unique to offer and one can experience a variety of them in India, ranging from Dandia Raas in Navratri, bhangra at the time of Baisakhi to different marital ceremonies and religious offerings to more than 330 million deities. India is the perfect destination if you want to glance upon the beautiful shades of every culture.

  1. Pocket friendly

Well, as compared to other travel destination countries, India is quite inexpensive. 1 USD is about Rupees 65.08 so travelling in India is quite pocket- friendly as compared to a western country. India offers adventures at much lower cost than other countries.

  1. Fulfill the crazy wishes of your Bucket List

Being a youngster, you might be having crazy and weird wishes on your bucket list that you literally want to fulfill. Climb a mountain or dive in the waves of the sea or get your surfing board or go for a desert safari or go for paragliding. All the craziest adventures are possible in India too.

  1. Find yourself

Travelling tends to help you in finding yourself. When stress and life problems tend to attack you and you feel the need to find yourself then traveling in India isn’t going to disappoint you. Beautiful and holy religious places give you a feeling of inner peace. Not just this, but the beautiful sunrises at the banks of Ganga or the relieving peace at Sanchi is surely going to heal your soul.

  1. Foodie alert

The pleasure you get from having a good and delicious meal is indefinable. The huge diversity of India offers a variety of delicious food. You get a huge variety including Shahi kebabs in Lucknow, street food in Delhi, Dosa in the south, and kheer in the east and dal baati in the west. Food in India is not going to disappoint you ever.

So these were the reasons why you should travel in India. So, pack your luggage, book your tickets and go on.

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