Top 10 Destinations for Family Holiday

  • Author: Jasveet Singh
  • Posted In: World
  • December 18, 2016
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Family holidays are usually the most waited event of the year. A yearlong work, stress

and then comes the special time when one is ready to have fun with the entire family.

Here we bring to you the best spots where you can spend your time with your loved


India: India is a depiction of history and modern era perfectly blended together. Start

with the capital of India, New Delhi, this place will not only fascinate you but will leave

you amazed with the scenic beauty. While touring India, one must experience the royal

culture of Rajasthan, the place of warm sands, deserts and majestic forts. Take a trip to

Mumbai, the city which never sleeps, the vibrant life, the busy streets will make you

crave for few more trips to know the city better. Don’t miss Kolkata, once ruled by

Nawab, the city is a sheer delight to be in. India is all about culture, food and warmth.

You won’t regret visiting this country with your family.















Dubai: Dubai, the city of fun, festival, food and shopping. Give your family the regal

treatment by choosing any of the luxurious hotels to stay. Don’t keep your budget too

tight while visiting this place, because Dubai malls are best of its kind. The

mouthwatering food will make you break all the diet rules for few days. Capture the

striking moments with your family till you take another trip to Dubai.











Rome: Visit Rome to discover the best of art, music and food. The checklist of what to

visit in Rome is vast. Every corner of the city is simply loved by the tourists. If you want

to make it memorable for your family you should visit PALATINE HILL, this place

attracts huge number of tourists. If you want to see a relatively quiet place then VILLA

DEI QUINTILI, an ancient villa, should be on your checklist.

VATICAN MUSEUMS will stop you on track with the spellbinding artwork and historic

pieces. Make it unforgettable for your loved ones by choosing Rome as your holiday















Australia: Australia welcomes you to wilderness, coastal blue beaches and the delicious

foods. From Sydney Opera House to Rottnest Island off the coast of Perth, Australia has

got fun stored in for everyone. Give your family an offbeat experience of scuba diving at

the Great Barrier Reef. Australia promises an unforgettable experience which will last

for a lifetime.













Spain: Brimming beaches, yummy foods, booming nightlife and a touch of history make

Spain a perfect holiday destination for a family. Take a walk at the century-old park,

BuenRetiro Park. Drop down at Museo Del Prado to appreciate fine artwork. Spain has

got so much to explore, one holiday with you family might leave you craving for to come

back to the place to enjoy at your heart’s content.

UK: If you are thinking of a family holiday, then you must consider United Kingdom as a

destination. Britain has royal feeling in every corner of the country. You can stopover at

the Roman Baths to know how public bathing used to take place. Ask your tour guide to

take you to Durham Castle and York Minster, both will give you an enthralling

experience. UK is a huge tourist spot, you need to come back to know more about the












Florida: Florida will make you remember Walt Disney World, the charm of this

amusement park is still the same. Let your family have fun at the Everglades National

Park. At SeaWorld Orlando, watch the dolphins and whales perform. Explore Miami to

get the best beach experience. Florida is a lovely place to spend a holiday season with

your family.












Malaysia: Malaysia is full of life and enjoyment. Central Market will offer you plenty of

options to choose from. From clothes to food, from wooden carvings to jewelries you

will find everything here. Drop down at Malacca to visit the historical fortress called

Famosa. That’s not all, Malaysia has got more to offer to satisfy your wanderlust. Take a

tour to have a real life experience.










Nepal: From beautiful monasteries to diverse landscape Nepal has got wide range of

scenic views to offer. Your checklist should consist of Boudhanath, Phewa Lake,

Bhaktapur Durbar Square and more. A holiday is never complete without little

shopping, visit Thamel to fulfill that longing. Nepal is also famous for trekking.













Egypt: Egypt, the name evokes out a sense of adventure from within. Best know to

tourist for the mummies, Egypt is a good place for a family holiday. Make sure to take

your tour guides to all the tombs or monuments that you visit. Little mysterious, Egypt

will give you a thrilling holiday experience.

Holiday is all about fun, enjoyment, food, shopping and memories. Capture the best

pictures to go on your family holiday album. With so many options, you can now make a

budget and you are all set for the trip.